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The CFO as Chief Data Storyteller
Jon Reed, Diginomica, 11/20/18
The New CFO Mandate: Prioritize, Transform, Repeat
McKinsey & Company Global Survey, 12/2018
Global Finance Leader Study: Why the CFO Must Also Be the Chief Collaboration Officer
Steve Dunne, Workday, 10/17/2018
How Your SaaS Company Should Be Thinking About Customer Success
Michael Redbord, Hubspot, 11/20/18
How Fast is Fast Enough: Revenue Growth in SaaS Companies
Dr. Alistair Forbes, ITProportal, 11/23/2018
How the Geography of Startups and Innovation is Changing
Richard Florida and Ian Hathaway, Harvard Business Review, 11/27/2018
Executive Compensation Mistakes: Stop Treating Everyone Equally
Wayne Cooper, Chief Executive, 11/29/2018
Where Are All The Virtual Reality Investors?
Adam Draper, Boost VC, 3/30/2018
How to Bulletproof your Fundraising Deck
Christoph Janz, Medium, 6/30/2018
It’s Crunch Time for Private Companies on Revenue Recognition
Ken Tysiac, Journal of Accountancy, 11/1/2018
Understanding Blockchain Transparency, Risks, and Controls
PwC, 3/16/2018
Which Benefits Do Employees Find Most Financially Beneficial?
Samiha Khanna, Journal of Accountancy, 11/28/2018
The Wayfair Decision — Can Sales Tax Break a Deal?
Martha Sullivan, Honkamp Krueger, 10/23/2018
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