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Spring 2024

The Modern Finance Tech Stack

In our Spring 2024 newsletter, we’re looking into the technologies available to a modern CFO. We’re staying focused on technologies that are beyond the “hype cycle.” We are not tackling Artificial Intelligence as a part of the modern tech stack, as we believe it will still be some time before AI technologies are truly “implementable” for the average company. (The impediments to actually implementing AI solutions are another topic entirely.)

There are many functions within the finance operations of a company, and for each function, there is an entire ecosystem of platforms and software services available.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of articles on some of the more universally-necessary functions to modernize, and we hope it provides some insight into how you may consider upgrading your finance tech stack.

Gen AI: A Guide for CFOs
McKinsey & Company
Ankur A., Ben E., Rohit S., and Michele T.
The Modern CFO Stack
Greenfield Blog, January 22, 2023
The CFO Tech Stack: How To Build Your Modern Software Rack
CFO.University, Raghavendra Reddy

The CFO Software Stack
Founders Circle Capital Blog

The Modern Finance Tech Stack: Five Things CFOs Should Look For
Fast Company, Oded Zehavi
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