Improve Operating Efficiency and Profitability

Knowing how to measure, implement, monitor and manage SaaS metrics remains a challenge for most businesses.

  • Understanding the key metrics, long term trends and their benchmarks help investors judge the long term prospects for your company
  • Establishing internal practices is easy when done early, but hard to change when scaling an organization
  • Streamlining inefficient workflows and removing non-scalable processes with the right technologies help avoid missed revenue targets and unhappy customers

Our solutions are designed to address critical financial challenges facing such companies – analytics, revenue recognition and technology platforms.

  • Providing integrity to company’s SaaS reporting and underlying financial results
  • Customizing the appropriate SaaS metrics for the client organization
  • Forecasting growth by providing expert financial models
  • Implementing proper processes and policies for SaaS GAAP revenue recognition
  • Helping to evaluate, select and implement the right technology solution(s)

How we do business


Our Promise

We will uncover and convey the meaning behind the numbers. We will help to define the metrics and craft a strategic financial plan reflecting your vision. We will deliver accuracy, brevity and clarity in all our work product.


Our Values

We succeed by finding the best solutions through collaboration. We ask. We listen. We solve. We believe that vigorous debate and teamwork create the best outcomes. We do not compromise on our ethics, confidentiality or integrity.



Financial acumen backed by a team of experts. Where you see one, there are many.

Financial acumen backed by a team of experts

We operate in New York and Silicon Valley and are comfortable in boardrooms from Tennessee to Thailand. Opportunistically, we invest in our clients as well as in select venture capital funds.

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