John Evans, The Visionary Founder of DecisionCFO

The 2022 Spring edition of Impact Wealth interviewed DecisionCFO’s founder and CEO, John Evans. The wide-ranging discussion covered some of the rewards of working with interim chief financial officers and the metrics for success when working with a CFO consulting company. “Many companies don’t have the resources to bring on full-time talent, even though they desperately need that expertise,” says Evans. He explains that “companies benefit at the early levels of their business just by understanding how they’re spending their cash.” Evans continues, “by implementing a couple of basic processes, [outsourced cfos] can deliver immediate value to a company in that very important area.”

Editor in Chief Hillary Latos also asked questions about current growth opportunities and cryptocurrency. According to Evans, “this is the latest stage in a technological evolution that has been taking place since the 90s where all of a sudden people had access to a very broad market — the Internet — that was followed up by a mobile revolution that took place in the 2000s.” The conversation also explored other aspects of the Controller and CFO services that DecisionCFO has provided and the business and the startups it has impacted since 2008.

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