Global Solutions for Growth Companies.

Successful companies quickly understand how to identify new market opportunities, operate in diverse cultures and win in the global marketplace. Increasingly emerging growth companies can meet the challenges of international expansion by teaming with the right partners.

Careful Consideration of Several Factors are Required:

  • Design accounting and information flows
  • Devise financial model with key drivers for operating and financial metrics for up to 5 years
  • Determine with precision, the timing and amount of financing required and optimize cash flow with a focus on burn rate management
  • Insure risk and process controls for rapid growth
  • Build credibility with the Board and investors

Strategic Analysis

  • Business model planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Forecast and Cash Management
  • Investment needs
  • M&A Analysis

Structuring and Implimentation

  • Introduction to international business networks
  • Relations with other 3rd party service providers
  • Local legal and compliance coordination
  • Branch development and reporting


  • Outsourcing of accounting and reporting functions
  • Internal control and compliance
  • Information systems assessments and implementations
  • Cash management and foreign exchange


  • Review of contractual and legal obligations
  • Compensation arrangements
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Transfer pricing

How we do business


Our Promise

We will uncover and convey the meaning behind the numbers. We will help to define the metrics and craft a strategic financial plan reflecting your vision. We will deliver accuracy, brevity and clarity in all our work product.


Our Values

We succeed by finding the best solutions through collaboration. We ask. We listen. We solve. We believe that vigorous debate and teamwork create the best outcomes. We do not compromise on our ethics, confidentiality or integrity.



Financial acumen backed by a team of experts. Where you see one, there are many.

Financial acumen backed by a team of experts

We operate in New York and Silicon Valley and are comfortable in boardrooms from Tennessee to Thailand. Opportunistically, we invest in our clients as well as in select venture capital funds.

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