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Fall 2022

How Can The CFO Be An Innovation Partner?

In this quarter’s newsletter, we train our focus on the role of the CFO in innovation. Innovation is a buzzword with real durability – people never really start talking about it. But what, really, is “innovation”? And what does the CFO have to do with it?

In our experience, business innovation takes three basic forms: product innovation, process innovation, and business model innovation. And while it’s true that in most true-like scenarios, the CFO is not the one driving, an organization’s top finance professional can be an impassable roadblock or a powerful champion, or anything in between.

This quarter we take a look at a few thoughts on the CFO’s role in innovation and being an innovation partner.

Spotlight: Financial Data Ecosystems
How Can CFOs Rebrand Themselves as Innovation Allies?
Ankur Agrawal, Eric Kutcher, and Scott Schwaitzberg
McKinsey Insights 07/19/2022
To Set A Goal For Innovation, Be Bold But Feasible
Morey Stettner, Investor’s Business Daily, 9/9/2022
Rise of the Next-Gen CFO: The Evolution of Finance’s Role and Tech Stack
Rajeev Dham, Jane Lee, Aditya Reddy
Sapphire Ventures Blog, 4/19/2022
Superhero CFOs: How an Optimal Tech Stack Helps Reveal Great Powers
Solene Brebant (Investor at Balderton Capital), Medium Blog, 7/8/2022
What’s the Secret to Successful Innovation?
David Schonthal, Kellogg Insight, 8/2/2022
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